Welcome to North American Solar

If you are considering supplimenting your present electric utility by adding a solar system, you have come to the right place. North American Solar panels can provide clean energy and tremendous cost savings to businesses, and commercial buildings.

Did you ever imagine your home or commercial building could be generating its own electricity? Turn sunshine into savings with solar electricity from North American Solar. With energy costs rising higher, solar energy is the smart alternative… And it’s never been more affordable.

As you can see in the photo gallery above, major companies are endorsing solar energy for their commercial buildings in a big way. Regardless whether you are as big as Macys, Kohls, Ebay, Toyota, JC Penney or Walmart, energy savings will be substantial.

A commercial solar system is very affordable allowing the company to take accelerated appreciation, coupled with a 30% Federal Tax Credit,it will pay for itself in a short period of time.

Energy from the sun is limitless, and as a result, a solar system will continue to generate power virtually free.

When a solar energy system produces more electricity than you use, that electricity is actually sent back to the utility’s grid. When that happens, your electric meter starts spinning backwards and you build up credits with your utility company.

Substantial savings for your Commercial Business.

In the past five years, the prices of solar panels have dropped 77 percent. The majority of Fortune 100 companies have recognized this development and executives and facility managers around the nation have started incorporating renewable energy goals and green initiatives into their business strategies.

The world’s largest companies are expanding their use of renewable energy because it makes good business sense – they see the value in diversifying their energy supply, mitigating fuel cost risk, cutting their energy-related emissions, and providing a physical asset with real value for the enterprise.

If you are considering a clean energy investment for your company the following points may help you decide if “green” is right for you:

Reduce your dependence on fossil fuels: Energy is the world’s largest industry. The global demand for energy is estimated to increase 30% by 2035. Reliable renewable energy technology can help companies ready themselves for the challenges ahead and reduce their dependence on traditional fuel sources that are fiercely contested

Securely lock in your utility rate for the next three decades: Our panels are guaranteed to generate 80% of their original value in 30 years.

Diversifying risk as part of a healthy energy portfolio: Get ahead of the game regarding climate change policies that penalize fossil fuel consumers.

Show your customers that you know what’s right: Being socially and environmentally responsible emphasizes your long-term commitment with employees and customers and highlights you as a company that takes a solid stronghold in the future.

Benefit from an extraordinary return on investment: Profit makes all companies see green; ROIs have been seen into the upper three digits as companies analyze the results of going green over time.

Take advantage of many available tax credits and energy incentives: in addition to federal and state tax credits, bonus depreciation and modified accelerated cost recovery are some examples of how your investment in clean energy can help you save money and reinvest in other business aspects.